Dolan Integration Group

The Dolan Integration Group (DIG) delivers geology and geochemistry support in the rapidly changing world of unconventional petroleum systems. We have made it our business to understand the exploration, development and production of unconventional resources around the globe.

Whether you have been working unconventional plays for a long time, or are just getting started, DIG will keep you ahead of the pack.

DIG’s Quick Start Maturity (TM) Mapping

DIG has completed basin studies for 25 North American basins; a total of 239 formations with predicted vitrinite reflectance equivalence. These studies include filtered maturity calibration data (vitrinite reflectance equivalence and pyrolysis, among some others), structure maps, temperature gradient maps, tertiary erosion maps and vitrinite reflectance prediction maps.  These studies help locate oil, wet gas and dry gas-prone areas of active and emerging unconventional plays.

Data IntegrationGeochemistry and Basin Modeling School

DIG offers a two day Geochemistry and Basin Modeling School. Focus will be on the fundamentals of geochemistry and basin modeling as they are applied to unconventional exploration and development evaluation work processes.

GGRNew! Greater Green River Basin Model Update

Our 3D maturity model has been updated with the latest publicly available rock geochemistry data to help our clients identify and pursue unconventional opportunities in the Greater Green River Basin. Click here to see what’s available.

watter bottleDIG stocks dissolved gas bottles for groundwater sampling

These bottles are specifically designed for compositional and stable isotope characterization of stray hydrocarbon gas in water samples. Take a look at our sampling products page for more information.