Wind River Basin

Wind River Basin


DIG’s Wind River Basin QuickStart™ Maturity Study represents a detailed analysis of the Wind River Basin, integrating well information and other geological datasets to predict maturities in the basin.  This study is designed to help facilitate oil, wet gas and dry gas exploration for active and emerging unconventional plays.

Wind River Basin


    • Pyrolysis (71 points)
    • Ro maturity (33 points)
    • Temperature gradient (223 points)


    • Modeled Maturity (Ro) for 14 surfaces
    • Structure for 14 surfaces
    • Temperature gradient
    • Formation temperatures


This study is available as a set of ArcGIS maps and Excel files. Information about the modeling workflow and data interpretation is provided as a set of slides in Adobe™ PDF and MS PowerPoint™ formats. Contact DIG for horizon-specific quotes!


The following surfaces have been modeled for maturity: Base Tert. Waltman, Cret. Lance, Cret. Meeteetse, Cret. Mesaverde, base Cret. Cody, Cret. Frontier, Cret. Mowry, Perm. Phosphoria, Penn. Tensleep, Miss. Madison, Devonian, Silurian, Cambrian, basement.

Wind River Basin Stratigraphy

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