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DIG was founded to assist our clients with a full array of energy-related consulting, database and laboratory services.








Our Development Challenges are Complex

We strive to be responsible stewards. Fluids analyses often provide the ground truth for successful development in sensitive areas. We team with our clients to fulfill the social contract.

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Variability in oil and gas development means no project is cookie-cutter. Our professionals are known for quick diagnostics and quick and efficient work. Team up with DIG to proactively stay ahead of your development success.

Decades of Experience in Resource Plays

We use established technology to solve all the new issues

  • Parent/Child Well Relationships
  • Right-sizing your Well-Spacing
  • Oil – Gas – Water Fluids Analyses
  • Keep your Cash Flow Positive


DIG provides geologic, geochemical and engineering services to help reduce the costs associated with the responsible exploration, development and production of oil and gas.

Geochemical Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art geochemistry laboratory, located conveniently on the Front Range in Colorado, specializes in hydrocarbon fluid analysis and data interpretation. We provide detailed composition and stable isotope analysis for produced gases and waters , as well as crude oil characterization through gas chromatography.

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We have 30 North American Sedimentary Petroleum Basin Models available for purchase with detailed thermal maturity surfaces from expert interpreted rock maturity data. Our geochemistry databases and map products provide the framework for exploration success in energy development in both conventional and unconventional petroleum systems.

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Consulting Services

DIG experts can assist you throughout the life cycle of a well, whether you are in exploration, oil & gas storage, or need a rapid solution to environmental concerns downstream.

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From field sampling equipment to DIG publications and SWAG, we have got everything you need to stay informed and prepared in our dynamic and ever-evolving industry!

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