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Service Summary

Stable Isotopes

  • Oil, Gas & Water

Whole Oil Gas Chromatography

  • Oil to Source Correlation
  • Maturity Determination
  • Deposition Character
  • Biodegradation of Oils

X-Ray Fluorescence

  • Elemental Components

Geochemical Laboratory

Geochemical laboratory work and analysis of gases, oils and rocks is a key component of unconventional petroleum systems integration. DIG’s laboratory analytical services help you to understand source rock and fluid maturity, reservoir compartmentalization and hydrocarbon migration. Geochemical analysis complements DIG’s comprehensive Consulting and Database services and can be rolled into any exploration, development or production project.

Stable Isotope Lab

DIG has built a state-of-the-art Gas Chromatography and Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Laboratory for composition and stable carbon and hydrogen isotope analysis of hydrocarbon gases. We offer precision analysis, competitive pricing, and rapid turn-around (1-2 weeks). Interpretive cross-plots accompany all laboratory data reports. Typical applications include:

  • Hydrocarbon Genetic Characterization
  • Gas-Oil Phase Prediction
  • Analysis of Maturity, Mixing and Migration
  • Reservoir Compartmentalization
  • Determination of Seal Integrity
  • Production Allocation

Whole Oil Gas Chromatography (WOGC)
We provide the most detailed compositional separation in the industry!
Our first objective is to provide you with the detail you need to differentiate production fluids and extracts.
Our interpretive experts have many decades of experience using these same data to:

  • Conduct oil to oil correlations
  • Conduct oil to source rock correlations
  • Determine breakthrough of produced drainage volumes
  • Monitor production of oils for days, months or even years
  • Conduct Environmental Forensics with the latest petroleum systems knowledge

Hand-held XRF Service

  • DIG owns a Niton™ XL3t GOLDD+ XRF Analyzer
  • This handheld device has many applications ranging from mining to environmental.
  • We use our device to help our clients understand the elemental (and mineral) composition of the rocks in their oil and gas play.
  • Call DIG today to set up your personal geochemical evaluation using our handheld XRF. 303-531-2030

Sampling Programs

  • DIG custom-designed geochemical sampling programs achieve your objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. Our programs typically encompass sampling logistics and strategies
  • Geochemical sampling while drilling
  • Sampling of rock, oil, gas, water and drilling fluids
  • Dangerous Goods Certified shipping

DIG is headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, central to oil & gas plays of the Rocky Mountains, Texas and Great Plains regions. Working with us greatly simplifies shipping and decreases turn-around to get you answers fast.

Please contact DIG for a detailed price schedule and further information at 303-531-2030.