We provide unsurpassed Whole Oil Gas Chromatography and chromatographic separation to meet your exact needs. The products that we provide our clientele are always considered at the highest levels of technical and scientific merit. Quality of our products is our trademark.

Unconventional Oil Correlation

Unconventional development requires the highest quality results in a rapid turnaround service. DIG can provide the answers you need quickly and efficiently.

Maturity Correlation

We spend a lot of time differentiating the light hydrocarbon range. This differentiation gives you the tools you need for reliable fluid prediction through your production lifetime.

Unsurpassed Reliability

We take great pride in our operational and technical products. You know you are getting the latest technical expertise related to reporting and interpretation.

Be Efficient – Keep your Cash Flow Positive

We offer a wide range of geochemical services to meet your demanding needs.

Expensive geochemical analyses cannot be repeated consistently or economically. Whole Oil GC provides cost-effective methods to keep your developments in the black.

  • Sample your production oil over time
  • Determine the character of your production
  • Set a baseline for your development

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Technical Integrity